Cleaning Greasy Cabinets

Cleaning Greasy Cabinets

Need help cleaning greasy cabinets? It’s easy to get built up grease on cabinets especially around the knobs. It’s best to maintain these areas before they get really bad. If it’s maintained and done often, cleaning greasy cabinets will only need an easy wipe. The longer you ignore them and don’t clean them the more grease and food particles get caked on and cleaning greasy cabinets becomes a harder task.

How to clean those greasy cabinets

Use a squirt of dawn dish soap (the blue one kicks ass) with 1 apart vinegar and 2 parts water. Mix in a spray bottle, or a bowl. Then just use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the grease. If you hit some tough areas with caked on foods, try applying some baking soda to your rag before wiping to add some scouring.  Wipe cabinets down with a dry cloth afterwards and go over them with a wood polish like pledge.

Oil to clean?

I have heard that you can use oil to clean oil but i haven’t yet tried this yet. Other cleaners recommend cleaning with a vegtable oil but I’m not trying to get oiled down in the process. You’re always opened to trying this trick and letting me know how it goes!


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Cleaning up a greasy kitchen

Cleaning a greasy kitchen can be tough

Cleaning up a greasy kitchen can be a tough job! In my cleaning business we do a lot of move outs. I have to say the most stuburn thing to clean is a kitchen that has had a lot of cooking done with oil. You’ll feel the oil baked onto the cabinets, oven hood and fan blades when there is a fan in the kitchen. I’ve put in many hours of scrubbing to get them back to normal. Over the years, I’ve used baking soda, vinegar and degreasers. However after a recent conservation I learned a new trick! Something I wish I knew years ago!! We all know the saying, “oil and water don’t mix”. So why I never applied it to my cleaning methods is insane! So the aswer to best clean oil is with oil!

You can use mineral oil or vegtable oil. Just apply to a paper towel and wipe. Just becareful with mineral oil on certain surfaces, It can remove paint. For stubborn areas make a paste by adding baking soda to help scrub surface. I wish I knew how easy this was years ago. Good luck and happy cleaning!


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