25 Surprising Ways To Use Mineral Oil

25 Surprising Ways To Use Mineral Oil

Check out our list of 25 surprising ways to use mineral oil. By definition Mineral Oil is a colorless, oily, almost tasteless, water-insoluble liquid made from petroleum by distillation. It’s considered a lubericant but if swallowed can be a laxative. Mineral oil can be found in furniture polish, wood treatment products, stainless steel cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and air fresheners.

Here are 25 tips on how to use mineral oil. The first 8 are ways to use mineral oil for cleaning. While the rest are other helpful tips you may of never known to use around your home.

  1. Condition Wood Furniture 

    Mineral oil will help preserve and protect wooden furniture in the same way that many other store-bought furniture polishes will

  2. Protect Cutting Boards The oil will also help prevent cutting boards from getting cut marks in them, which will keep bacteria from hiding in any crevices on the surface of your cutting board.
  3. Remove Stains Use mineral oil as a pre-wash method for super easy stain removal. All you have to do is dab a little bit of it on the stain, and then throw your clothes in the wash.
  4. Prevent Rust If you’ve got outdoor furniture that you need to protect from rusting, cover it in mineral oil. Then, you’ll have protection from the elements so that your metal stays rust-free for longer.
  5. Shine Appliances 

    A little bit of mineral oil goes a long way. It’ll have all of your appliances looking shiny and good as new in no time.

  6. Remove Paint 

    If you’re cleaning up a construction site and need to remove overspray paint from a surface minerial oil will be your hero! Or if youve been doing any sort of painting around your house and have a hard time getting that it off of your hands, mineral oil is to the rescue.

  7. Remove Stickers Especially if you have kids, you know that stickers can wind up on anything and be a royal pain to remove. Nothing a rag and some mineral oil can’t solve, though.
  8. Clean and Maintain KnivesMineral oil creates a barrier against atmospheric moisture, and will help keep knives rust-free. Mineral oil can also be used as a lubricant when honing edged tools with a sharpening stone.
  9. Diffuse Oil

    Mixing mineral oil with other essential oils can keep your house smelling light and fresh. Just refill one of those containers that you may have that had previoud oil in it with the sticks sticking out of it.

  10. Lengthen The Life Of Your Razor

    After you finish shaving, carefully dry the razor then dab some mineral oil onto the blades using a q-tip.

  11. Silence A Creaky Floor

    If you have an older home with some squeaky floors, pouring a bit of mineral oil into the noisy joint cant help reduce the squeak.

  12. Silence a Squeaky door

    Got a loud, creaky door? Nothing a little mineral oil can’t help.

  13. Protect Garden Tools

    Garden tools typically have metal ends and wooden handles, and mineral oil can work wonders on both materials.

  14. Preserve Eggs

    If your a dooms day prepper this one is ideal to know.  You can preserve eggs without refrigeration for months using mineral oil.

  15. Un-Jam A Paper Shredder

    I am a chronic over-stuffer when it comes to shredding documents. Un-jam a shredder or give it a tax time tune-up by dripping a little mineral oil onto the blades to keep everything cutting smoothly.

  16. Untangle A Necklace

    Is your favorite gold or silver chain in a knot? Before paying a jeweler to fix your necklace, dip the knot into mineral oil. Then use a pin to work the oily knot open.

  17. Brighten Linoleum Counters

    A Wise Bread editor discovered this old-school tip by accident. While seasoning wood cutting boards, he dripped mineral oil onto his vintage linoleum kitchen counters and discovered that the oil refreshed the color of the faded linoleum! Be aware that the vibrant colors revealed by oil only last about three weeks before fading, and constant application of mineral oil to linoleum will make it break down. So, only use this tip on special occasions like photo shoots or holiday parties when you really need your kitchen to look extra-gorgeous.

  18. Ouch Free Bandage Removal

    Saturate the bandage with mineral oil. Working from the outside edge of the bandage, slowly peel the bandage away from the skin, applying more oil as needed.

  19. Remove Gum and Wax From Hair

    Peanut butter costs way too much to be wasted on hair-related gum accidents. Work mineral oil into the gum and affected hair until all the gum comes off easily, without pulling. Also, if you have the personal fortitude to wax your own bikini line, you can remove stubborn wax residue with mineral oil.

  20. Soften Cracked Feet

    Are your heels super dry? Regularly slather your feet with mineral oil at bedtime to keep the skin supple and crack-free. (Cover your oily feet with socks to keep your sheets clean).

  21. Treat Ear Mites In Dogs

    Mineral oil is a non-toxic method of killing ear mites in dogs. Mineral oil works by smothering the mites, but as with humans, mineral oil is also good for loosening hard earwax and buildup in your dog’s ears that can cause distress. Use an eyedropper to put several drops of oil in each ear. Instead of sticking the eyedropper into the ears, massage your dog’s ears to move the oil down the entire ear canal. Fair warning: your dog will want to shake its head, so do this in the bathroom, where spattering oil and earwax can be wiped down.

  22. Dislodge Earwax

    Place a few drops of body temperature mineral oil in the ears before bedtime for up to five days. Once the wax has softened, rinse ears with warm water (this can be as simple as tilting your head in the shower), then, tip your head so the wax can drain out. Dry your ears with a hair dryer set on low.

  23. Protect Skin In Freezing Weather

    Old-time arctic explorers went out of their way to avoid washing their faces to preserve the protective layer of natural skin oil to prevent chapping. Because it provides such a good barrier against the elements, mineral oil is a great product to protect exposed skin in cold climates.

  24. Moisturizer

    Although there is a huge amount of beauty propaganda devoted to describing mineral oil as pure evil in a bottle, contrary to popular belief, mineral oil does not cause acne or blackheads. Its molecular structure is too large to penetrate pores, so it moisturizes by creating a barrier on top of the skin that keeps moisture in and dry air out.

  25. Reduce Rashes

    Along with cradle cap, mineral oil can be used to prevent diaper rash and soothe other types of skin irritation such as skin burns from radiation therapy.

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