Cleaning up a greasy kitchen

Cleaning a greasy kitchen can be tough

Cleaning up a greasy kitchen can be a tough job! In my cleaning business we do a lot of move outs. I have to say the most stuburn thing to clean is a kitchen that has had a lot of cooking done with oil. You’ll feel the oil baked onto the cabinets, oven hood and fan blades when there is a fan in the kitchen. I’ve put in many hours of scrubbing to get them back to normal. Over the years, I’ve used baking soda, vinegar and degreasers. However after a recent conservation I learned a new trick! Something I wish I knew years ago!! We all know the saying, “oil and water don’t mix”. So why I never applied it to my cleaning methods is insane! So the aswer to best clean oil is with oil!

You can use mineral oil or vegtable oil. Just apply to a paper towel and wipe. Just becareful with mineral oil on certain surfaces, It can remove paint. For stubborn areas make a paste by adding baking soda to help scrub surface. I wish I knew how easy this was years ago. Good luck and happy cleaning!