Sweeten Up Your Cleaning Routine

Go ahead and have fun with it

Learn how to sweeten up your cleaning routine. I have to be honest with you, I don’t really enjoy cleaning. However I remember being a kid at home all summer and my mother would give me $20 allowance a week for cleaning the house. I would do a half ass job of wiping the dinning table, never touched the bathrooms and threw all clutter into a bigger pile. I’d jam out to Gloria Estefan, dancing around the house, singing and having FUN! My girl friends always came over and hung out at our house. One day while mopping the kitchen floor and using way too much soap we found it made a great slip and slide. So almost every week during the summer while my parents were at work my friends and I would run and slide across the kitchen floor. Now, that was my idea of fun!

Everytime I think about cleaning and how I’m in this business I think back about simpiler time and how It all started. So my advice to you Is to have fun while you’re cleaning so you can enjoy it! Do you, and do what makes you happy! It may not be cleaning toilets, cause trust me that’s not my idea of fun. However the key In life is to enjoy it and find the positive In every thing you do!