Moving Into a new place

Before moving into a new home or apartment you want it thoroughly cleaned to rid the dirt of the previous tenants. Your new home will be disinfected and cleaned top to bottom. Listed below Is our checklist for move in’s but can be altered depending on your budget and needs. It’s ideal to have this procedure done prior to you moving your furniture and personal items in.

Moving out

When you move out you’ll want to thoroughly clean your home for the next renters or home buyers. After your furniture and personal items have been packed and moved you’ll be exhausted. So call Julie’s Sonic Cleaning to take care of the dirty work! Listed below is our example checklist of what gets done. We’ll be happy to adjust or add anything to it.



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Move In/out example checklist 

  • Wiping down ceiling fans and lighting
  • Cleaning of mirrors
  • Dusting blinds
  • Cleaning of window sils
  • Cleaning interior windows (if requested)
  • Cleaning of sliding glass doors, inside and out
  • Cleaning of tracking
  • Disinfecting countertop areas
  • Cleaning cabinets inside and out, removing any liners
  • Cleaning backsplash and ledges
  • Cleaning inside of fridge, oven and microwave
  • Removing appliances to get floor underneath
  • Scrubbing of showers/tubs
  • Cleaning of shower doors including tracking
  • Cleaning of toilets, inside and out
  • Cleaning inside medicine cabinets
  • Wipe down of towel rods and toilet paper holders
  • Removing smudges from switch plates
  • Removal of dust from outlets
  • Wiping down of doors
  • Cleaning door jams and boarders
  • Clean exhaust fans and vents
  • Cleaning of baseboards
  • Removal of any items left behind
  • Vacuuming of floors
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Sweep garage or patio areas


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