How to Clean your Dishwasher

Follow these steps on how to clean your dishwasher! I know it sounds funny since it’s duty is to clean all those dishes and such but you need to take the time to clean the actual dishwasher. By cleaning your dishwasher your servicing it by removing all the build up food particles and crud. Follow these instructions every so often to keep it running efficiently and smelling clean.

Items you’ll need to clean your dishwasher

Baking Soda

Old toothbrush, q-tips, toothpicks

Distilled White Vinegar

Soft cloth

Paper towels

Steps to clean your dishwasher

  1. Start with an empty dishwasher.
  2. Fill one side of kitchen sink with distilled white vinegar water
  3. Remove the utensil holders and racks. Wipe them down checking for stuck-on food bits and debris in the bottom of washer.
  4. Remove and disassemble the arm and grate and filter, if you have one, from the floor of the dishwasher. Place in sink to wipe down with damp rag and vinegar water. Use the toothpicks to clear any of the holes that spray the water out on the blades.
  5. Using paper towels, remove any debris and food gunk.
  6. Use a damp rag that’s been wet with vinegar water to wipe down inside and edges of door, use a toothbrush or q-tip to get in tiny places. *if you are having trouble removing some gunk, try using a soft toothbrush and a baking soda paste.
  7. Reassemble and replace all parts.
  8. Clean garbage disposal. Click here to read how I clean my drains with vinegar and baking soda. Then run the garbage disposal and dump a cup of ice cubes down while it’s running, to help remove any debris in the garbage disposal.
  9. Add 2 cups of white vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher and turn it on to Energy or Low Wash. Stop the machine in mid-wash, so the vinegar can set on the bottom and work. Let it stand for about 20 minutes, then turn on to finish cycle. (sometimes I will let it sit over night, and turn it back on to finish when I get up)
  10. When done, wipe out the inside with dry paper towels.
  11. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside while you’re at it. Depending on the type of dishwasher you have, spray the front of your dishwasher with a mild spray cleaner or stainless steel cleaner.
  12. step back and enjoy your clean dishwasher!


In the future remember to take the time out to clean your dishwasher!

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